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Allium Stents for bulbar urethral strictures

Researchers at Allium Group, which is a developer and manufacturer of innovative stents for the urinary, gastrointestinal, pulmonary and peripheral vascular tracts, have developed a new stent for male urological conditions.  The Bulbar Urethral Stent is a removable stent designed to fit the dimensions of the male bulbar urethra and has been developed to treat recurrent bulbar urethral strictures.

Currently, no other treatment exists for the urological problem of bulbar urethral strictures in men, apart from repeated dilations, optical urethrotomy and specialized reconstructive surgery.  The Bulbar Urethral Stents are inserted with minimal invasive techniques and may be left in for one year.  Further, the stents are made out of a super-elastic alloy covered by a polymeric material that keeps the urethra open while allowing comfort, even when sitting on hard surfaces.  And studies have shown that the removable stents can prevent recurrent stenosis if left in for a period of 12-14 months.

These stents have been developed by researchers to treat both malignant and benign obstructions.  Specifically, the stents have been designed to prevent sphincteric dysfunction that may cause incontinence.  Finally, the tubular shape and specially designed proprietary element on its ends minimize reactive tissue proliferation.

“Allium’s next-generation urethral bulbar stent, used as a therapeutic tool, creates newfound opportunities to treat stenoses and enables non-specialized urologists to effectively perform the simple procedure,” explains Professor Daniel Yachia, a world-wide known expert on urological stents and CSO of Allium Medical.

On September 2, 2010, Allium’s stents were first implanted in French patients.  Allium Medical announced that the procedures “were the first commercial implants, and were to the doctors’ satisfaction.”  More implants are due to be carried out in the coming weeks.

Currently, the Bulbar Urethral Stent is being marketed and distributed in European countries including Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and Austria, Benelux, Spain, Greece, Scandinavia, South Africa, and France.

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Generic Version of Flomax – Is It As Good?

Classified as an alpha blocker, the generic version (tamsulosin) comes in 0.4 mg capsules just like Flomax.  The generic version is made by the following manufacturers:

  • Actavis
  • Global Pharmaceuticals
  • Mylan Pharmaceuticals
  • Sandoz
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • UDL Laboratories

The FDA tests all generic drugs to compare them to the brand-name equivalent.  After comparing the test results, the FDA gave the generic version an “AB” rating which means the generic version is equivalent to the brand-name Flomax.

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